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Browser enhancer that provides annotated Google and Bing search results
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A browser is a software program that you use to locate and display Web pages. In this sense, we could technically categorize Scadarlia as an Internet browser, but with a twist. Actually, what this “browser enhancer” does is it takes Google and Bing searches to the next level. Using complex and highly logical relevance algorithms, Scadarlia organizes your search results by keyword relevance and color-codes them accordingly.

The program’s interface is divided into two main parts – a left-hand panel where you perform your Google or Bing searches, and a right-hand panel that holds what we might call a standard Internet browser. On top of both panels, you’ll find a button ribbon with the program’s main functionality – i.e., navigation controls, mainly. You will immediately notice two main differences between this and your usual browser. The first one is that Scadarlia is not yet another free browser that aims at taking over your Firefox, Edge, Chrome, or Opera. Secondly, you will miss most of the functionality you usually find in any of the top 10 Internet browsers (another reason not to dump your default browser, yet).

Though you can go directly to the right-hand panel’s address bar and write or paste a URL there and navigate the Web just as you would normally do, in Scadarlia this somehow “alternate browser” is merely where you end up after searching for some keywords in Google or Bing. The beauty of this tool is not that you can surf the Web, it is the way you do it. So the right way of using this tool is by writing a keyword or a series of keywords on the search page on the left and see how the results are presented. Instead of using a different look and feel, Scadarlia simply customizes the flat Google or Bing results page by painting the links in different colors – you will suddenly see the usual dark blue links turning red, green, brown, pale blue, grey, etc., depending on how relevant they are to your search keywords. The program performs this analysis in just a couple of seconds, selects the paragraphs with your keywords, and displays them for you on a pop-up box organized by relevance. The closer the keywords are to each other, the higher the paragraph they’re in will appear in the box. Click on one of these paragraphs and the browser panel will take you there in a snap.

Lacking the usual functionality we find in our everyday browsers, Scadarlia won’t let you print the page, save it to disc, or change its appearance, but will allow you to open the active URL in your default browser just by clicking on the corresponding button in the ribbon. If, like me, you’re used to browsing the Web via private windows to navigate incognito you will also miss all the useful privacy settings present in the most popular browsers. But, as said, this is not the Web browsing as we know it – this is more about making the most of your Web searching experience. I would prefer to have this undoubtedly useful functionality as an add-on to my favorite browser instead of having to open a dedicated browser just to google the Web. Either this or to transform Scadarlia into the full-fledged Web browser it deserves to be.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Provides clear color-coded search results
  • Categorized paragraph overview sorted by relevance
  • Support for Google and Bing
  • Editable blacklist


  • Lacks much of the functionality present in most browsers
  • No privacy settings
  • Shareware license
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